Corian® staircases

Corian® stairs fit seamlessly with your interior - literally. No seams, no edges. The staircase blends harmoniously with your interior and becomes an elegant eye-catcher. Corian® is a durable and solid material that is very easy to maintain.

Corian Trappen - Types - Genico
Onderhoud Corian Trappen - Type - Genico
Corian® staircase maintenance

Corian® is very easy to maintain, so you can walk on a Corian® staircase everyday in shoes without any problem. Dust is best removed from your Corian® stairs with a damp, soft cloth. Dry off with a soft cloth when you've finished. Are your Corian® stairs scratched? Small scratches may be caused by daily use. However, Corian® is a solid material and can therefore always be repaired.

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