Floating wooden staircases

For staircases, wood is still the ultimate classic material. We offer a range of quality woods - such as solid oak, wenge, walnut and teak - that look great in any interior. These types of wood are distinguished by their radiance and solidity and are suitable for any type of staircase, from floating and straight to turning.

Houten Trappen - Types - Genico
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Add a touch of warmth to your home with a wooden staircase, for example from our Wallclimber wood collection. Whether your interior is traditional or modern, wood has wonderfully welcoming feel. Our floating staircases from the Wallclimber wood collection are available in solid oak, wenge, walnut or teak and are distinguished by their radiant appearance.

Wooden staircase maintenance

Wooden stairs are easy to maintain. The protective coating of varnish that we apply to all our wooden staircases prevents dust or dirt from working its way into the wood. Don't use too much water when cleaning: simply wipe your wooden stairs with a slightly damp cloth now and then. Treat your wooden stairs with oil or varnish every few years.

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