Glass staircases

As well as being elegant, glass staircases are also transparent, allowing plenty of light in. Take it further and give your interior a glamorous touch with a glass landing, as in our Catwalk collection. We always work with extra white opal glass, to minimise the green appearance and ensure that your glass staircase looks dazzling in your interior.

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Give your interior an exclusive touch with a glass staircase. A glass staircase allows plenty of light into the space. Take a look at our thin glass collection: you'll be surprised by the minimalist design. Curious about what a glass staircase could do for your interior? Feel free to ask us for more information and enquire about the price of a glass staircase.

Glass staircase maintenance

A glass staircase requires no more maintenance than a wooden or metal one. It is best maintained with a standard glass cleaning product and a slightly damp cloth. Then dry off with a soft, dry cloth for an even result. To prevent scratches, don't use scouring agents.

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Glass landing

To allow plenty of light into the space, you can opt to finish your glass staircase with a glass landing. A landing has an aesthetic function as well as a practical purpose: being transparent, it creates beautiful effects of light and shade for a strikingly spacious feel in your interior.

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