We design, manufacture 
and install your bespoke staircase
in any space
our collections

Black is beautiful! Choose a solid block staircase to make a statement or a fine floating design that makes a subtle impact.

Any choice of staircase from the black collection is sure to be a real eye-catcher in your interior.

For more light and space and a timeless staircase, the white collection is the way to go.

Other materials, such as wood or glass, provide a personal yet minimalistic touch.

Geometric simplicity through the use of materials such as wood or glass is the focus of our skin collection.

This choice of materials ensures that the staircase fits perfectly with the rest of the house.




Creative as we are, we manage to design, manufacture and install high-end staircases in any kind of space, thanks to our passionate and experienced craftsmen. We strive for a high-architectural value, and aim for well servicing of our clients with their new stairs.

Excellent craftsmanship, an eye-catching design, unrivalled precision, flawless follow-up and exceptional service. At genico, this is what we guarantee for every design, every staircase and every installation. Unique, modern staircases made for your space, with new designs in surprising materials every year.

Genico Ref Thinblack Herkdestad 161a3039 Web
Genico Thin Black Stone 161a9634 Web - 1
Genico Wallclimber White 161a1131
genico creative stairs

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A personalised quotation?

We can make a quotation based on your design, taking your preferences and interior into account. Request your quotation today!

genico modern staircases

What do you want for your staircase: a design that matches the rest of your interior perfectly, or a real eye-catcher? Our staircases are available in different versions. Depending on your own preferences, the space and your interior we will recommend, design and install a straight staircase or one with a quarter-turn or landing; your staircase can be floating or installed against a single wall or between walls.

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