Why you should choose a banister with LED lighting

Everyone’s familiar with spotlights in the wall by now. However, they aren’t always easy to install on a staircase. Have you ever thought about LED lighting in the banister? Combine a unique and sleek look with low consumption and easy installation.

Stylish and safe

Lighting brings ambience into your home and provides security. The stairwell is one of the most important rooms that needs to be well lit at night, so that you don’t miss a step when you have to get up in the middle of the night. The lighting is invisibly integrated into the handrail for a sleek look and feel. In addition to the extra safety, you also gain in terms of aesthetics. Moreover, LED lighting is energy-efficient.

A range of possibilities

LED lighting adds a fresh touch to your interior or can be especially homey. At Genico, you can choose between warm or cold white light. And the choices don’t stop there. Would you like a wide or narrow LED line? Wide is ideal for an enclosed, dark hallway. Narrow is better as subtle ambient lighting.

Convenience from order to installation

Each staircase can be finished with a beautiful, luminous handrail. You determine the length, colour, and type of lighting. There’s an ideal match for every interior.

After the online order, your handrail will be custom-made within three weeks and then delivered with all fasteners. Your brand-new, shining banister will be installed in no time.

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