What makes a floating staircase so special

Floating staircases appeal to the imagination. Their minimalist look, the seamless anchoring in the wall… It’s not just ‘a staircase’ anymore; the stairs become a beautiful part of your interior.

People are living and building more compactly. Our floating staircase supports this trend and is practical too. Due to its small volume, a floating staircase takes up less space, while remaining a real eye-catcher.

Choosing a floating staircase is choosing a timeless and minimalist look. That’s a good idea because the less a staircase stands out, the more beautiful it is. A floating staircase also fits perfectly into a narrower entrance hall or modest living space and will undoubtedly blend in well with your interior.

Minimalist look

For example, go for a white staircase against a white wall, for a unique yet harmonious look. That is what architects Archiwijss chose, for example. Our floating staircase really comes into its own in this sleek new home.

The Corian® steps in Wallclimber white blend in seamlessly with the wall, floor, and handrail. White on white was combined with a glass wall and sleek handrails with built-in LED lighting. A nice look that simultaneously ensures safety: it’s perfect. The brightness of the staircase alternating with black details in the interior complete this minimalist project to perfection.

“The less the staircase stands out, the more beautiful it is.”

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