Frequently asked questions


  • How does the order process work?

    After placing your order via our tool on the website or by sending an email to, we will contact you. Your invoice will then be sent to you, and after payment a detailed drawing with dimensions, colour, type of LEDs... will be sent to you for approval. After approval on this drawing the handrail will be taken into production.

  • What is the price of a handrail?

    Exact price can be calculated via tool on our website or our 'price list'

  • How long is the production time?

    After approval on the drawing, your handrail will be ready for collection after +/- 3 working weeks.
  • How much VAT do I pay?

    Collection for self-placement is always 21% in the European Union for private individuals

Technical questions

  • How do I measure my handrail?

    The correct length of the handrail is provided by the customer and is always rounded off per 5 cm.

    Detail for "measuring for a straight staircase" OR "measuring for a staircase with turning steps".

  • In which material is the handrail made and what are its dimensions?

    Handle is made of powder-coated steel. the profile is 40 by 20 mm. If you put leds in the handle, the leds are provided in the width of 40 mm. When leds are facing the wall, you will therefore see a wider profile than when you choose to place the leds downwards.
  • When do I choose the wide or narrow LED?

    If the handrail is used to illuminate a room or if there is a staircase between walls in a dark room, the wide LED is usually chosen. If the handrail is only used for mood lighting or orientation lighting, it is best to choose the narrow LED.

  • How many attachment points does a handrail have?

    This of course depends on the total length, but keep in mind that the average distance between the fixings is 1200 to 1300 mm. At the beginning and end, there is also a fastening provided in each case

  • Can the handrail be placed outside?

    No, these are for indoor use only
  • In how many parts is the handrail made?

    This is always in 1 part, so keep this in mind during transport. Be sure to check if the handrail can be placed inside as far as the stairs!

  • What are the specifications of the supplied driver (standard 24V DC - 60W)?

    163 x 43 x 32 mm (L x W x H). This is not a DIN Rail driver. Driver must come between electrical cabinet and handrail so that 220V is converted to 24V - see detail. Usually it is mounted next to or in an electrical cabinet. Please note that the driver must remain accessible for possible replacement.

  • Can the handrail be supplied in all colours?

    It can be powder coated in our standard RAL colours. For black this is RAL 9004/9005/9011, for white this is RAL 9010/9016. Other RAL colours are on request and can be supplied with a supplement. All RAL colours can be finished in 'matt' (smooth lacquer, satin look) or in 'textured lacquer' (matt look, light grain). The white colours are usually finished in matt lacquer and the black in textured lacquer

  • What type of wall can the handrail be attached to?

    This can be done against a classic stone wall (rapid construction, concrete stone, concrete, sand-lime brick,...) but also against a style wall type gyproc, full wooden wall,... For a standard fixing against a stone wall approximately 7 cm deep is drilled

    For details see 'invisible anchorage in a stone wall' OR 'invisible anchorage against a wooden wall' OR 'visible anchorage in a wooden wall'.

  • Are the LEDs dimmable?

    The LEDs are indeed dimmable, but a dimmer and adapted driver must be provided by the customer/electrician.
  • What type of leds is placed?

    Warm white 2700K, 749lm/m, 120 leds/m, 24V, 9W/meter, width 8 mm, A+, IP20.

    Cold white 4000K, 816lm/m, 120 LEDs/m, 24V, 9W/meter, width 8 mm, IP20

  • Are all lengths possible?

    Minimum length for handrail with LEDs is 1050 mm, maximum length is 5800 mm. Handrail length must be a multiple of 5 cm. This does not apply to handles without LEDs.

  • Can a handrail be used with a ¼ or double ¼ turn staircase?

    This is perfectly possible. Bear in mind, however, that handrails are always straight (without a kink ) and that there is no connection between the handrails in the corners. If an LED in the handrail is chosen, the cable provided between the two handrails must be incorporated in plaster.

    When measuring, please make sure that the handrail runs parallel to the steps, because the slope of the turning steps changes. See detail

  • Can I supply the LEDs myself?

    This is possible, taking into account a maximum width of 13 mm. Cable at the end must be at least 250 mm. The customer arranges for the LEDs to be sent to us, and the LEDs are placed in the handrail by Genico. In this case no power supply is supplied but must be provided by the customer.

  • Where is the connection for LEDs in the handrail provided?

    This can be at the bottom or at the top of the handrail - see photo - , it is important that we know on which side of the handrail is placed. (rising right or left, each time going up) Connection must then be incorporated in plaster. See detail

  • Can the LEDs be replaced?

    This is only possible with the wide lighting. With the narrow LEDs, the handle must be removed. The LED strips do have a very long service life.

  • How do I operate the lighting in the handrail?

    This can be done by means of a switch, motion detector, time switch,... No control can be provided for the handrail itself. Lighting in the handrail is the same principle as a classic lamp in the house, so control must be provided by the customer. If there is no switch, we recommend an astroclock, it can be placed in an electrical cabinet and has numerous possibilities (summer-winter time/time of day/...) in terms of operation, an example of this is Theben's astroclock. This can also be provided by the customer.

Installation and transport

  • At what height is the handrail placed?

    The standard height is 900 mm perpendicular to the steps. But height in relation to stairs is of course personal, changing the height of the handrail has no effect on the length of the handrail.

  • What is all included with the handle?

    The handrail comes with a 'box' with the following contents - see photo

    -SDS plus drill bit dia 13 mm

    -cleaning brush drilled hole

    -bellows to clean drilled holes

    -Sieve sleeve for chemical anchor

    -Chemical anchor 280 ml (fits on standard silicone syringe)


    -evident transformer 60W (if handle with LEDs)

    -extra mixing spouts chemical anchor

  • Are handrails placed by genico?

    These are only provided for collection, installation is done by the customer. In practice, this is often carried out by the contractor/joiner/electrician. Installation instructions are provided.

  • Are handrails supplied?

    Handrails are only for collection in our workshop or can be sent on request (not included - price for delivery in Belgium 200 € excl. tax - for the EU 300 € excl. tax).

  • In how many parts is the handrail made?

    This is always in 1 part, so keep this in mind during transport. Be sure to check if the handrail can be moved up to the stairs!

  • How can the handrail be transported?

    Handrail is wrapped in protective mousse and foil and is made in 1 part. The length of the handrail therefore also approximately the length of the package. Take into account a width of +/- 200 mm and a height of +/- 60 mm, maximum weight is +/- 30 kg. Depending on the length of the handrail, this can be on a trailer or on/in a van. Provide a pair of lashing straps to secure the handrail properly. If the handrail is picked up by the transporter, the box (450 x 210 x 150 mm) will be attached to the handrail, otherwise it will be released.

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